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Miryam holds a Masters of Sciences in psychoanalytic developmental psychology from University College London, UK and a bachelor degree in psychology from the American University in Cairo. 

Miryam received training in therapeutic play in the UK from the institute for arts in therapy and education and training in cognitiv behavioural therapy (CBT) from the Beck institute. Working with cancer patients and their families in 57357 hospital,  has allowed her to further specialize in children and adolescents with a range of psychological difficulties. In addition, Miryam has received training at the Anna Freud Centre in London where she developed her foundation in psychoanalysis. 

Miryam strongly believes in a psychodynamic approach to understanding each client’s inner world. She incorporates CBT, therapeutic play and interpersonal psychotherapy in her work with children, adolescents and young adults. Her experience with pre-natal and post partum analysis has made her passionate about every individuals’ development starting from the womb thus focusing on a strong parent child bond. Miryam has experience helping her clients work through a range of psychological and behavioural difficulties such as trauma, chronic illness, grief, depressive symptoms, anxiety, OCD and anger management. She is passionate about closely working with families to ensure a safe environment to protect and support each individual in their healing process.

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