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Maram Tolba, MA, is a counseling psychologist. She earned her B.A. in psychology and her Master’s degree in counseling psychology from the American University in Cairo.


Maram has experience in being a therapist, teacher and researcher in various settings.


Currently she is studying the integration of art and creativity in therapy with Petra Rosenkranz; as well as the four-step model of group therapy at the Egyptian Association for Group Therapy.

This combination of knowledge allows her to bring together her passion for group therapy, art and healing to lead various workshops that improve individual wellbeing in private practice and counseling centers and promote team building within companies.



She worked with clients in hospital settings such as The Behman, university clinics at the Center for Student Wellbeing and the Psychological Counseling Services and Training Center, school settings, and private practice.


During her work in academic research, Maram published on the impact of divorce in men and women in Egypt and is currently working on an intervention for marital problems.


She has experience in working with clients struggling with a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, personality disorders, and psychosis.


Maram primarily utilizes an interpersonal integrative approach that combines elements of psychodynamic, family systems, the four-step model and CBT. She uses these approaches along with art and creativity tailored to the client’s unique goals and vision. Moreover, she uses a developmental approach when working with clients and couples to help them function more healthily.

When working with clients, she promotes empowerment and provides practical tools that help clients own their emotional wellbeing.


She believes that helping individuals find congruence between the mind, body, and soul are key elements to living a thriving life.  


Maram is eager to welcome you to begin your journey of healing.  


She conducts sessions in Arabic and English

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