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PSyD Candidate.


Noha El Nahas, MA. is a professional psychologist who has been in the field of mental health since 2006. 

Her educational background is a mixture of French School, American University, Cairo University and finally a PSyD candidate at California Southern University.

She started her journey in public hospitals (Demerdash, Abbaseya and Abu El Reesh) , receiving intensive trainings in psychological assessments. She then worked with prof Ahmed Okasha in his hospital . After that, she joined the AUC counseling center and started counseling students. Then, she moved to Paris for 2 years where she worked in an organization that helps managing family problems. 

After coming back she spent a couple of years working as a school counselor and founded her own counseling center (Heal), where she mainly works with adults. 

Finally, she started teaching Psychology at the American University in Cairo along with being a Senior Counselor at the office of student well-being there.


She is also a member of the American Psychological Association (APA) and PSI CHi (Psychology Honor Society). 


She is experienced in working with various psychological problems (anxiety, depression, stress, identity issues, addictive behaviors and family problems).

Despite her various professional trainings Noha chose to follow an eclectic approach which means that she doesn't stick to only one type of therapy because she believes in individual differences. Empathy is her keyword and Psychology is her passion before becoming her profession. 

Currently, she is the owner and managing director of Heal counseling center, and also Adjunct Faculty in the Psychology Department at AUC. 


She conducts sessions in Arabic, English and French.

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