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Nourhan obtained her masters of science in mental health and clinical psychology from London South Bank University. She received her bachelor’s degree in psychology (HONS) from Taylor’s University and she is a member in the American Psychological Association (APA). 


Throughout the last two years, she has trained and worked in various environments such as psychiatric clinics and counseling centers. She received an training at the National Paranoia Network in London. She won an award in experimental theatre for raising awareness about mental health. 

She studied healing with Art at Florida university and mindfulness at Leiden university. 


She has experience working with, young adults, and adults from different backgrounds and nationalities within various settings.

Nourhan deals with clients who are struggling with adjustment, self-esteem, body image, emotional eating, anxiety, academic stress , separation, and depression.


Although she is trained in multiple modalities of evidence-based psychotherapy. She works with an integrative approach to counseling. She prefers adopting a holistic technique as the client needs to be understood as a whole, rather than focusing on one single aspect. She believes that every single client is unique, thus they need one-of-a-kind integration of different modules of therapy. She conducts sessions in Arabic and English. 


Finally, Nourhan believes that we all have our healers inside, sometimes we just need the guidance and the tools to find our inner healer and this is where she comes and help through the process.

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