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Nourhan has adopted a holistic technique, she understands that every client is unique and needs a unique integration of different therapy modules. Nourhan holds her clients in high regard and aims to create a judgment-free and safe space for holistic growth and change. 

Nourhan’s critical belief rests in the power of people's inner selves to heal; However, sometimes we need guidance and the tools to find our inner healer; this is where she comes in and helps her clients through the process.

* MS in mental health and clinical psychology from London South Bank University
* Bachelor’s degree in psychology (HONS) from Taylor’s University
* Graduate Diploma and certification in art therapy from the College of Educational and Clinical Art Therapy
* Expressive arts therapy training from the World Arts Organization (In progress)


* Training from the National Paranoia Network in London            
* Externship in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy by ICEEFT  
* Somatic Experiencing introduction by Somatic Experiencing®️ International
* Art therapy studies at CECAT

Counseling Services:

Nourhan is skilled in overcoming problems related to anxiety disorders, self-esteem, academic stress, depression, body image, and other social and emotional issues. 
* She is fluent in both Arabic and English and tailors counseling according to each client's unique needs.
* An active member of the British Psychological Association (BPS)
* An active member of the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association (IEATA)

Nourhan's unwavering dedication to improving emotional well-being and fostering personal growth through the medium of the arts is nothing short of inspiring. For her, the transformative power of artistic expression lies in its ability to serve as a facilitator for meaningful change in the lives of others.

Furthermore, she is deeply committed and passionate about expanding her knowledge and understanding when it comes to  how :
* Cultural backgrounds 
* Mental thinking patterns 
* Artistic expression   
* Spirituality
plays a role in our existence and shapes our psychological well-being.

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